Concord Grape Syrup

This is a very easy way to preserve berries and fruit that is about to go bad and make something that could be used in many ways. I was given some concord grapes that I just didn’t know what to do with. They tasted fine but were pretty tart. I searched the internet and found this method to make syrup.

You will need equal weight of fruit and sugar. I used a scale to do this. Shake the contents well and then let it sit in a cool dark spot for a month until the sugar gets dissolved.

The longer the mixture sits, the more liquid comes out of the grapes and the sugar slowly dissolves. I did mix it a few times as the sugar at the bottom didn’t dissolve, but it didn’t do much. After about a month I moved the jar into the fridge.

You can used this fruit syrup to add a fruity sweetness to many things, pancakes, yogurt, fizzy water, tea and…

even snow. The syrup lasts a long time because of the high sugar content. I can’t wait to try other uses for this syrup.

Fruit/Berry Syrup

  • equal weights of fruit/berries to sugar
  • concord grapes
  • white sugar

I used a scale to measure out equal weights of grapes and sugar. I mixed the two together and then stored in a clean jar in a cool dark spot for about 1 month. At this time the sugar mostly dissolved. You can used this syrup for many uses, on yogurt, pancakes, in fizzy water, tea or snow.

Try this out with different fruit and berries. Enjoy.

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