About Us- the Twins!


We are known as the crazy twins; Kristin and Corinne or Kristerinne for short. For years we have experimented with recipes and cooked for our friends and family.  Kristin (right) loves taking photos of her food and Corinne (left) loves experimenting.  We decided that blogging our food was a good way to record what we eat and how we made it.  We would love to share our favorite recipes with you and tips and information we find on the way! In the future we hope to open up a cafe or catering service.

The title of our blog comes from something our dad used to always tell us.  My dad hated leftovers but he also hated to waste food.  “Eat it now or eat it later! ” he would say.

Fine dad we will eat it now…
Hope you enjoy our blog


PS. We love trying new recipes. If you have something you want us to try send us a message and we will put it on our blog!

Photo by Sherry Lu www.sherry-lu.com

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