Snow Ice Cream

This is the second snow recipe that I have tried this year. I had to take advantage of all snow that we were having. If you haven’t tried my snow candy recipe, try one that too. This recipe is super easy and reminds me of shaved iced dessert. You will need really clean snow for this recipe. When I knew we were going to have a major snow fall I left a bowl out to catch clean snow. You need a lot of snow for this recipe since it melts.

Portion out a bowl of snow. I didn’t do any measurements for this recipe.

Pour a generous scoop of condensed milk.

Mix well. I found that using two spoons helped to mix things up. At first it will seem like a dry crumbly mess but as the snow melts it will get creamier.

You can add some chocolate drizzle to the ice cream as well. I found that it was pretty tasty but anything with condensed milk is.

My second version of this was using a fruity syrup.

This is a concord grape syrup that have been working on. I will have a recipe up soon for this. But any fruit syrups will work.

Drizzle some syrup onto your snow and mix well. This definitely tasted like shaved ice with a wonderful grape flavor. I really enjoyed this one.

But this one melted a lot faster.

Snow Ice Cream

  • fresh clean snow (4-5 cups or more)
  • sweetened condensed milk
  • chocolate syrup (optional)

Take a bowl of fresh snow and add in a big spoonful of condensed milk. Mix well. Drizzle with chocolate syrup if you wish. Enjoy.

Fruit Ice Cream

  • fresh clean snow (4-5 cups or more)
  • fruit syrup

Take a bowl of fresh snow and add a spoon of fruit syrup and mix well. Enjoy.

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