Review: The Workshop Vegetarian Cafe

Vegetarian food. Oh vegetarian food. I have a weird relationship with you.  Some times you are good and some times not so much.  I am always skeptical when I try vegetarian food, especially when they have a meat version that is sooo good. And you know how I like my ramen. I mean how can vegetarian ramen be good?  The broth is pure porky goodness.  But wait!  You need to try this vegetarian broth. I wouldn’t say that it replicates tonkatsu ramen or shoyu ramen.  It has its own complexities and it is just as delicious.

The Workshop Cafe is a new little place located in North Vancouver.   I heard about this place from my man friend and needed to try it.  I mean RAMEN.  Come on. When we first got to this place it was welcoming and cozy.  It was  a blend of cafe, open kitchen and corner store.  The staff are super nice and friendly.  I loved how you can sit at the bar and watch your meal get prepared. I also really liked the variety of food you can order.  I wanted to try everything. Vegetarian isn’t my first choice of foods. I am a carnivore but I don’t pass up the opportunity to try new things and get inspired. I find vegetarian food is very creative and there are many tricks that can be used in everyday cooking.  First thing I saw on the menu was the matcha green tea latte.  If you follow me on instagram you would know that I love my matcha green tea lattes.

theworkshopcafe4At the cash, you are greeted by a variety of baked goods. Some gluten free and all tempting. But I was here for the ramen.  I decided to order the Organic Spicy Tan Tan Ramen and my man friend ordered the Organic Nama Shoyu Ramen.  The Tan Tan was a creamy butternut squash soup. The noodles were chewy and perfect. All homemade! I will need to come back and learn how to make those noodles.   The broth was rich and tasted like sesame and sweet butternut squash. It was very satisfying.  The Shoyu Ramen was great too. The broth was a mushroom broth and was very complex.  It had a nice vegetarian version of the pork shoyu broth.  There was lots of flavor and I wished I picked that one.

After our meals we wandered the store. To one side, there were a selection of quick take out foods and snacks. I could see myself coming here to pick up a quick bite to eat.   theworkshopcafe8On the shelves, there was tea and dried goods.theworkshopcafe10And you can also order baked goods from them!


Then I stumbled onto the frozen section.  You can buy homemade udon and mochi and other various things.

theworkshopcafe12… and then I found this.  Banana coconut matcha popsicle.  It was a great end to my lunch. Creamy and sweet. The banana and coconut and green tea really compliment each other.


Overall, this little cafe is a place I would come back to. Too bad it is so far from where I live.  It is a great place to enjoy a great bowl of ramen or a place to pick up a quick baked good and cup of joe.


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