Sauteed Hosta Shoots

Last year I marked my calendar to remind myself to find these before they were gone. I have a foraging note book that keeps track of when to find these treasures. I have been on the hunt for young pinecones, violets, purple dead nettle and lilac. My goal this year is to try to find and try as many of these ingredients that I can. My sister and I are also on a mission to grow a foraging/edible garden.

My first foraged food this year were these Hosta shoots. You can find Hostas everywhere and they are super easy to grow. After this recipe, we are planning on growing a Hosta plot for Hosta shoots.

Early in the spring, you can pick these shoots. I sauteed them with a little butter and salt to keep it simple. Surprisingly they tasted like asparagus. A few of the older shoots were a little bitter but still tasty.

I sauteed them until the shoots started to brown and then we snacked on them. I really enjoyed them. Next year I am excited to try more recipes with these tasty shoots. Would you eat these greens?

Sauteed Hostas

  • cleaned Hosta shoots
  • butter
  • salt

Wash your Hosta shoots well. Sautee in a frying pan with some butter and salt to taste. Enjoy.

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