Pickled Bittermelon

Do you ever find yourself with veggies in your fridge that just is going bad? Or did your garden produce too much that you just can’t eat them fast enough. Well there are a couple things that I am trying out. One is ways to preserve your harvest so that you can use it later in the year. Pickling is the easiest as I have done this in the past. I have dabbled in fermenting but haven’t done it in a while but will try this out again soon. Also I am working on an experiment on making syrups. This year my great Aunty gave us a bunch of bittermelons from her garden. They were getting old so they needed to be harvested. As in some of our other posts, you either love them or hate them. I didn’t have time to make any dishes with these bitter melons so I decided to pickle them to use later.

First you need to prepare the bittermelon by washing and removing the seeds.

You can tell they are old if they are yellowing on the outside and the seeds are red.

Remove any parts that are really yellow or mushy. Salt the bittermelon generously an allow to sit for 20-30 minutes. This removes some of the bitterness.

Then rinse well.

Put the bittermelon in a glass jar and cover with some white vinegar. You can add some sugar or additional salt if you want. Let them sit over night in the fridge.

After a few weeks, these pickled bittermelon are still good. They are very sour now but add some sour and bitter notes to your dishes. You can add a few on your salad or dice them and toss them in stir fry. Enjoy.

Pickled Bittermelon

  • bittermelon
  • salt
  • white vinegar

Cut and prepare your bittermelon. Salt the bittermelon generously and allow to sit for 20-30 minutes. Rinse well. Place the bittermelon in a jar and cover with some white vinegar. If you don’t want the pickled to be too sour, you can add some water to the mixture to dilute the vinegar. Allow the pickles to sit overnight or for a couple days. They will last for weeks and add a nice bitter and sour taste to your dishes. Add to salads or dice some and add to your stir fry. Enjoy.

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