Coffee Jelly

A few years ago I was lucky enough to go to Japan.  One thing I really miss from there was their Coffee Jelly Frappucinos that was available at Starbucks. I am really sad that they don’t have it on the menu here in Vancouver.  I looked up a couple recipes for Coffee Jelly and actually it is super easy.  You only need two ingredients; coffee and gelatin.  I did want to try to make it with agar but I couldn’t find my agar in my pantry.

Start with 2 cups of hot coffee.  To this, add one package of gelatin powder. Stir well until the gelatin has dissolved.

Then pour this mixture into a shallow container.  Place in the fridge over night to allow to set.  The left image is freshly made and the one on the right is the next morning.

After setting over night, slice the jelly into cubes and scoop into a cup.

You can add a variety of drinks to this: sweetened milk, cream, whipping cream, chocolate milk, etc.  I decided to add some chocolate milk.

The sweetness of the chocolate milk and the bitterness of the coffee really worked well together.  If you prefer to sweeten the coffee, you could definitely do that. Add enough sugar to your liking while the coffee is hot. Then add your gelatin.  Try this recipe out with your favorite drink!

Coffee Jelly

  • 2 cups of hot coffee
  • 1 package of gelatin (1 tbsp)
  • sweetener (optional)

Make 2 cups of hot coffee. (If you want sweetened coffee jelly add sweetener to taste at this point) To this add the package of gelatin and stir well.  Pour into a shallow dish.  Place in the fridge overnight or until the jelly sets.  When you are ready to use, slice the coffee jelly into cubes.  Place some in a cup and enjoy with your drink of your choice.  (Sweetened milk, cream, whipping cream, chocolate milk, etc.)

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