Imposter Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake

Ice cream cake from Dairy Queen is always a treat. Some people like the cookie crumble and some people like the fudge. Or maybe its the ice cream section. Whatever it is, homemade ice cream cake is easy to assemble. The other great thing about making your own cake is the ability to adjust the different layers and changing up the type of ice cream.

Since I’ve been cutting out as much dairy as possible, I decided to make a split ice cream cake. One side being full of dairy and the other using dairy-free ice cream. I chose Breyers ice cream. Heavenly Hash for the dairy side and a cookies and cream for the other.

Begin by lining a container with some plastic wrap. This will help with removing the ice cream cake later. Add a generous layer to the bottom of the pan. Notice that I have divided the cake in half and each side contains the different ice cream.

The next layer is the cookie and fudge layer. For this layer, I decided to use brownies instead of cookie crumbs. I also bought a dark chocolate ice cream fudge. You can find this in your ice cream section near the cones.

Break up the brownie and add layer on top of the ice cream. Next add a layer of fudge.

Place this into the freezer before adding the top layer of ice cream. I would leave it for at least 1hour. This helps solidify the fudge layer so that add the ice cream would be easier. After an hour, carefully add a layer of ice cream. Place the cake into the freezer and freeze for another hour.

When the cake is set, take it out of the freezer. Remove it from the pan and place on a plate. For the topping, I found coconut Coco Whip. You can use Cool Whip for the topping but I chose a non-dairy alternative.

Decorate the top with chocolate chips or icing. Enjoy!

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