Lemonade Coffee

The summer heat is almost here and what better way to prepare than to sip on some summer coffee. So it has been a while since my tonic coffee recipe but I think I found a better coffee. Way more refreshing! and that is lemonade coffee.

The best would be to find some sparkling lemonade. I found one at Save on Foods, but non bubbly kind is okay too.

Prepare some coffee and leave in the fridge to cool. Mix a ratio of 1 to 1 coffee to lemonade. You can top with some ice or even a little rum!

Lemonade Coffee

  • Cold coffee (cold brew or regular chilled)
  • Lemonade (sparkling or regular)
  • simple syrup (optional)
  • ice (optional)
  • rum (optional)

Mix 1 part lemonade to 1 part coffee. Enjoy this way or add some ice and rum. You can also sweeten the coffee with a little simple syrup.

If you liked this recipe: https://eatitnoworeatitlater.com/recipe-list/

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