Coconut Milk Chocolate Fondue

I’ve been struggling to come up with desserts that have reduced dairy. I miss things like chocolate mousse and puddings. Even fondue has tons of cream. I decided to give this recipe a try because I wanted to make something special to end a romantic dinner.

This fondue begins with a can of coconut cream and dark chocolate. If you want a dairy-free version, make sure the chocolate you get is dairy-free. Chop about 2 cups of dark chocolate into smaller chunks.

Heat up the coconut cream on the stove top at a medium-low heat. You want the coconut cream to melt and heat up the chocolate but not to burn it.

Slowly stir the chocolate into the coconut cream until it is fully melted.

If the mixture is too bitter, add some milk chocolate to it. If you can’t have dairy, sweeten the fondue with some honey.

To make this fondue extra special, add some toasted, crushed hazelnuts. (Secretly, this is like a melted ferreror rocher.)

This fondue is easy to make and great with fresh fruit like grapes and pineapple. You can even use sponge cake to dip!

This is an easy dessert!! Enjoy!

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