Easy Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche is sweetened milk cooked for several hours to make a creamy caramel sauce. This version cuts the cooking time to only 2.5 hours!! It is really simple and easy to make.

When I make this recipes, I make a couple cans and save them for later use. They store well in the cans for a couple of months after cooking. Begin with condensed sweetened in a can.

Remove the label off the cans before you begin boiling them.

In a deep sauce pan, place the cans and cover fully with water. Boil on medium high for 2.5 hours. You want to check on the cans throughout the process to ensure it is covered in water.

After you boil the can, let them cool completely before using. If you open the can before, it will ooze and make a huge mess (trust me!). You can also enjoy this caramel sauce on toast! Enjoy!

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