Matcha Affogato

What do you get when you mix matcha tea with matcha ice cream?  Matcha Affogato! Well this is my version of it.

First you need to start with making your matcha. Okay I don’t make it the traditional way. I just add hot water to my matcha powder and stir with a spoon. You also need one or two scoops of matcha ice cream.  Here is my really easy 3 ingredient recipe.

All you need to do is to pour the matcha on top of your ice cream.

You can make your matcha stronger if you like and change up the ratio of water and matcha powder. I also made way too much matcha tea in my recipe so feel free to reduce the amount. ( I wanted a slushy drink).   I allowed my matcha to cool slightly too because I didn’t want my ice cream to melt too quickly.   

Hope you enjoy this recipe.

Matcha Affogato

  • one or two scoops of matcha ice cream –> recipe here
  • 0.5-1 cup matcha tea ( hot water and 2 tsp of matcha powder)

Make the matcha tea by mixing together the matcha powder and water.  Pour the matcha tea on top of the matcha ice cream.  Enjoy!

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