Breakfast Burgers

I tend to wake up late on weekends and find it difficult to figure out what to eat. I love breakfast foods but by the time I wake up its closer to noon than it is to breakfast. This is a great way to make breakfast and lunch work! A breakfast burger!

One of my favourite breakfast combos are eggs and bacon. Pan fry the bacon to your liking. I like mine just crispy and with some chew.

When the bacon is done, set it aside on some paper towels. This will help soak up any excess grease. In the same pan, fry up the burger patties. Cook it all the way and just when it is done, add some slices of cheese. Wait till the cheese is melted.

When the burger is cooking, fry up some eggs. I cooked it easy over so that the whites are completely cooked and the yolks are just runny.

Assemble the burger with the patty at the bottom, an egg and then topped with bacon. Serve with any other burger toppings.

This burger does hit the spot on breakfast and lunch but I have to warn you that this burger is very messy!! Eat with lots of napkins. Enjoy!

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