Fennel and Apple Salad

Fennel Salad-0458

This is a simple salad that looks like you spent hours making it.  All you need is fennel, arugula, sweet onion and apples. Start by preparing the fennel.  Cut off the top leafy part and slice the bulb into thin slices. Some people use the leafy tops but I find it is tough and has a strong taste. I used a whole bulb but it isn’t necessary. Fennel can give an overwhelming licorice taste so start with a smaller amount until you figure out if you like it.

Fennel Salad-0460

Next slice a small sweet onion into thin slices.  Use about half an onion.

Fennel Salad-0463

To cut the sharp taste of the onion and fennel, slice some sweet crisp apples. I used green apples but you can use any apples you prefer. I also recommend cutting the apples right before serving. You don’t want it turn brown! (Note: if you plan to prepare this in advance, you can soak apples in lemon juice to prevent them from browning.)

Rhubard Crumble-4

Add all sliced ingredients onto a bed of crisp arugula.

Fennel Salad-0456

For the salad dressing I used a sweet balsamic dressing. As an additional option, toast some walnuts and sprinkle on top.  Surprisingly the sharp bite of the onion,  sweet licorice fennel, spicy arugula and refreshing crisp apple work well together and make this a delicious and unique dish! Enjoy!!

Fennel Salad-0464

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