Review: Pizza Ludica

20160620_221136_HDRPizza Ludica is such a fun place to have great pizza and play board games. This restaurant is located in Vancouver, BC and is situated close to transportation. From the outside you wouldn’t have guessed the uniqueness of this place.


The interior is brightly light and simple with lots of game themed decorations. Even this sign spelt with Scrabble pieces gives this pizzeria a whimsical feel.

I would recommend calling in advance and making reservation. This restaurant does not hold a lot of people and it is always busy. Sometimes waits can be over 30 minutes.

When you do finally get in the restaurant, you walk in and along the back you see more than 750 boardgames and card games. All of these are free to play if you purchase food! This is a great place to take a group of friends who want to try out games but aren’t willing to spend all the money.

My dragon boat team went there for a night of team bonding. We got a big table that allowed us to play 3 board games.  It was a fun night with the team.

Other than having a variety of games to play, the food here is great! They serve a variety of thin-crust pizza baked in a stone oven. If pizza isn’t your thing, they also have pasta and appetizers.
20160620_193948The pizza had a great thin crust and was really tasty.  The team ordered a couple different pizzas and everyone shared.
For my first time at this restaurant, I would give it a 5 out of 5. Its a fun place for groups and small parties. Definitely a “must go to”!

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