Decorating Jello with Fruit

Jello doesn’t have to be an understated dessert. You can make your Jello the life of the party by decorating it with fruit. I came up with this idea because my friend who loves Jello would always make Jello “cakes”. For her birthday, we decided to make her a Jello Birthday Cake.

To decorate the Jello, I used sliced strawberries and green grapes.

Fruit Jello1Fruit Jello3

I stuck the sliced strawberries to the side of the container. You can also use clear glassware so you can see the fruit decorating the outside.Fruit Jello2 Fruit Jello3

I used star shaped cookie cutters to create apple stars to decorate the top of the Jello.
Fruit Jello5

For one of the Jello “Cakes” I decorated the bottom in a flower pattern.
Fruit Jello4

Once you have placed and decorated your bowl. Carefully pour the Jello into the containers. You want to go slowly so that you do not disturb the fruit. Let the Jello set and you have some gorgeous dessert to serve at a party!

Fruit Jello7 Fruit Jello8-2

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