Review: Nuba

Nuba is a great Lebanese restaurant which has some of my favorite dishes of all time. It is a wonderful place for some light tasty food and delicious coffee.  It is also a really easy place to book because you can find it on the open table app so you don’t even need to call the restaurant.

If you are a coffee lover or just like to try something new, you need to try the Turkish coffee. It is a nice blend of spices and sugar.  I guess you can say it is like the Chai tea of coffees. The way the coffee arrives is very different.  It comes in a little pot without a filter.  Yes it is just boiled coffee grinds and spices in a little pot.  I let my coffee steep for a little bit before pouring the coffee into the espresso cup provided.  You will have to be careful because the last little bits is sludgy, but you get plenty of coffee.

Nuba (1)Nuba (3)If you want a nice summer drink, try the sweetened tea. It is a little sweet but refreshing.Nuba (2)One of my go to dishes is the  beef tenderloin.  I like mine medium rare.  With this dish you get some pita, hummus, brown rice, salad and pickled cabbage.

Nuba (4)My all time favorite dish here is the Najib’s special! It is to die for!!!!! I have been trying to replicate it but it is difficult to do because I don’t deep fry my food and baking it just isn’t the same. This is a must try dish.  You wouldn’t even know that is is just deep fried cauliflower.

Nuba (6)

Nuba is also a great place to have a party.  However when you book for a large group you need to order from the group menu. Some people don’t like this because you get one main skewer and then shared platters.  (Because sometimes it feels that you don’t get much food.) This includes hummus, baba ghanooj, vegan stew etc. All of this is very tasty and I find it filling enough if you try all the little shared platters.

Overall this place is a great place for some great food. I would definitely keep coming here, especially for the NAJIB’S SPECIAL.

Nuba (7)

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