Coffee Kombucha Experiment: Part #1

Pinterest is my go to place for recipe ideas and inspiration.  There are so many interesting finds.  My current find is Coffee Kombucha. Yes this sounds bizarre but also intriguing.  The crazier the recipe, the more likely I would try it.  I am also interested in finding more Kombucha recipes and this one sounded easy enough.  If this is your first time working with Kombucha, read my other posts on growing your own scoby and general care.

coffee kombucha 7First thing first,  you need coffee.  So brew that extra pot of coffee and add sugar.  Allow to cool overnight.  I only made a small batch because I am not sure how much I will like this. I decided to use white sugar for the recipe as I wanted the scoby to have plenty of food.  I am not sure how the coffee will affect it.

coffee kombucha1It is ideal to start this experiment when your Kombucha is ready to consume.  This means that the Kombucha is full of probiotics which will help ferment the coffee.  Here I have my batch of Kombucha and scoby hotel.  My hotel was full last week so I decided to try experimenting with marinating scoby.  It wasn’t the best recipe but it was a start. Once I make a good recipe, I will post it!coffee kombucha2My favorite part about the scoby is that it forms a tight seal around the jar.  Look at him, he is so kombucha3I am making two batches of Kombucha today.  One with my go to recipe and the coffee kombucha4Here goes. Pour the coffee, Kombucha and scoby in a sterilized jar.  Allow this mixture to ferment for 2 weeks.  I am using the same recipe as my basic Kombucha, but instead of tea I am using coffee. coffee kombucha5I will update you in about 2-3 weeks when it is ready for tasting.

coffee kombucha6The idea for this recipe came from

Coffee Kombucha ( you can double this too!)

  • 5 cups coffee, brewed to your taste
  • 1/2 cup white sugar
  • 1/2 cup Kombucha and scoby

Brew coffee and add sugar. Allow to cool to room temperature.  Add 1/2 cup Kombucha and a scoby.  Cover with a cloth and leave in a dark place for about 2 weeks.

Come back for the update!

For more Kombucha related recipes check out our recipe page!

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