Eggs in a Basket

This is a quick and elegant way to start the morning.  All you need is some bread and eggs.

Begin by creating your “nest”. Do this by either taking a circular cookie cutter or a inverted drinking glass. You want to make sure the circle has enough crust to keep its shape. 

The next step is to butter both sides of your bread before frying. Add some oil to the frying pan and then place the bread on. Make sure there is a nice seal to the bread and the frying pan to prevent the egg from seeping underneath.20160312_125219Depending on how runny you like the yolk, fry it for a couple of minutes. Flip it over to a cook the other side. 

Once they are ready, make sure to serve them right away! They are fun and easy to make. A little messy to eat but fun none the less. Enjoy!!

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