Kushikatsu is Japanese dish of deep fried skewered meat and vegetables. You can use a variety of meats and vegetables and customize it to what you like.  This dish is very easy to make. However, I could not find a good recipe for the sauce.

I decided to use carrots, cauliflower, chicken and pork. Prepare the vegetables by cooking them slightly. This helps make them nice and soft when you deep fry them.


Slice the pork into strips and make sure you remove the excess fat and skin on the chicken before adding them onto skewers. I unfortunately didn’t get any skewers so its more katsu than kushikatsu.

20160228_191039To make the crunchy batter use egg, flour and panko. Panko is a japanese bread crumb used in many deep fried dishes. I like to season my flour and egg with some salt and pepper before using them as batter.


Start the batter but coating the items in flour. The flour helps to create a dry surface for the egg to bind.


Once the items are coated, dip them in an egg wash. 

After dipping the item in the egg wash, roll it in panko. Making sure to coat the entire thing.20160228_192422Continue the steps until all the items are coated with panko. 


In a frying pan, heat the oil to med-high. You may need to adjust the heat on your stove if this is your first time frying food on it. You do not want the oil to be too hot. I also do not use a lot of oil but enough to cover half of my items I want to fry.


Deep fry the items until they are golden brown. Make sure to keep adding oil if the pan runs out.


Serve with rice and a diluted tonkatsu dipping sauce. Enjoy!!


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