Review: Forage


I’ve been meaning to try out a restaurant called Forage This restaurant is known to find ingredients from local farms to create their dishes.  They are a thoughtful and sustainable restaurant who makes an effort to create delicious dishes to the customers.


Knowing full well the restaurant would be busy, I made reservations on for brunch and as soon as we arrived, I was glad we did. The door was packed with patrons waiting for a seat. The atmosphere was fresh and vibrant. As soon as we sat down, we were greeted by a friendly waiter who offered us coffee. Right off the start, we had a great experience.

The brunch menu had quite a few options from savoury to sweet. Unfortunately there was not a lot of vegetarian options other than the sweet. I’m sure they would have been able to accommodate but its nice to write it down in the menu.

I ordered the classic benny. I could not resist since I love a good benny.  The hollandaise sauce was creamy and delicious and the eggs were done soft poached. The benny also came with a side of pan fried potatoes and a house made ketchup (or what I believed was a ketchup). Everything was delicious.


My friend, Rebecca, had a classic brunch which consisted of eggs, toast, crispy potatoes and a side of local seasonal fruit. The toast was served with house made apricot and strawberry jam that came in cute jam jars.


My other friend, Sherry, ordered the turkey sausage hash. It came with roasted veggies and was displayed in a cute cast iron skillet.


Finally my sister ordered the corned bison hash served with kale and hollandaise. It was very delicious and full of wonderful flavours.


Throughout the meal, we were greeted by friendly staff who made sure our coffee was topped up. It was a very welcoming restaurant with a great atmosphere and delicious food. I’m definitely going to try this place again!

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