Baking with Intention. Does bread have feelings?

I have been reading a lot on the internet about intention.  With the power of your mind you can manifest your desire.  I decided to test this theory out and put intention into baking.  Most people bake because they love it.  You see a lot of recipes that say, made with love, or  just add some love.  Well that is what I did.

This idea came from some videos I watched. In this experiment, if you say nasty things to water when it freezes the crystals are distorted and if you say kind things then it it forms beautiful crystals.

I have also seen a video where you think about doing something bad to a plant and it actually reacts to it.

There are other articles that talked about how your thoughts could affect your physical world. This video is about the effects on rice.

Yeast is a living organism so I thought what if it gets affected by emotions too.  This is how my experiment began. I started by making a batch of sourdough bread . Luckily this batch makes two loaves.  For one loaf I said mean things to it and the other I said loving things to it.

manifestation bread 2  manifestation bread 4

I took each bowl into a different room. With the bowl labeled love, I talked to it sweetly and said kind words of encouragement  I kneaded it with love.  With the bowl labeled hate, I said mean things and words of hate. I punched it and kneaded it with anger.  I placed the two bowls in the oven to rise.  Every 30 minutes I continued to say nice things to the bowl labeled with love and said mean things to the bowl labeled hate.  I allowed the dough to rise until it is double in size. It could take about 1-2 hours. I left the oven light on to keep the oven slightly warm.  After I punched the dough down and formed nice loaves.  The love bread was cut with a heart and the hate bread a cross.

manifestation bread 5 manifestation bread 6

I allowed the bread to sit again it the oven for about another hour.  At this point I was pretty disappointed as there wasn’t a very big difference in size or appearance.  I was hoping that there would be significant difference. (The love bread is on the left and the hate bread is on the right.)

manifestation bread 7 manifestation bread 8

After the bread was baked there wasn’t much of a size difference. I thought maybe the air bubbles inside would be a little different, but nope. Nothing.  Both loaves tasted the same.  Both were about the same size. I guess next time I could have left a slice from each out to see if one would last longer than the other.  I’m going to try this recipe out again and hope to see different results.

manifestation bread 9 manifestation bread 10

Do you bake with love?    Do you notice a difference when others make your recipes?  Comment below.

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  1. john says:

    wow so inspiring.

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