Dehydrating Things


Why dehydrate your food? I dehydrate fruits because they are going to spoil. I dehydrate mostly in the summer and fall month when there is an abundance of fruits and veggies. I love dehydrating watermelon and apples. They make healthy snacks for work but recently I got into dehydrating veggies (until my dehydrator died).

dehydrate2 dehydrate3

During my veggie attempt, I dehydrated zucchini and cucumber. You want them thin to help dry them out and make them crispy. I used a mandolin to make it even slices which helps dry them out evenly. Drying them in a dehydrator is a convenient and easy method. You don’t have to worry about over heating them or forgetting to turn off your oven. Dehydrators also have a lower heat setting than ovens and can be used to make raw foods.


Before drying your fruits and veggies, you can add different seasoning like herbs and spices. Try apples with cinnamon or cucumber with paprika. Experiment with different combination until you find your favourite.

Store the dehydrated fruits and veggies in air tight containers in a cool, dark area to prevent them from getting moisture and losing nutrients. If stored correctly, dried fruits and veggies can last for 30 years!!


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