Eat it Now or Eat it Later…. What to do with left over cream cheese icing

I know this may sound unusual and unheard of but I have left over cream cheese icing. How did this happen? Not sure. But if you have left over, this is what I do.

This is my go to option, spread on toast.

left over cream cheese

I have tried adding a spoonful to my oatmeal. It adds sweetness and creaminess to the oatmeal.  Delicious.

left over cream cheese 2

Add some to your waffle batter.  It will make your waffles amazing.    Here I used my sour dough waffle recipe.

left over cream cheese 3

Bonus… spread some on top of the waffle too!

left over cream cheese 4

Ok. So remember the post on Butter Coffee. Well cream cheese icing has butter in it. So I decided hey why not add it to my coffee. The results were amazing. It was like a Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk.  Yum yum. Definitely will do this again.

left over cream cheese 5

left over cream cheese 6

So for my last little bit of cream cheese I wanted to see if I could make something out of it. I added one egg and enough flour to make a paste.  Then I portioned it out on a tray like drop cookies, baked the dough balls at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes.  They came out to be cream cheese icing scones biscuits things. They were yummy and tasted like a sweet chewy biscuit.

left over cream  7 left over cream  8 left over cream 9  left over cream 11

Hope you enjoyed this post as this is the true meaning of Eat it Now or Eat it later (in a different form).

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