Quick and Easy Fresh Strawberry Pie

I often like to bring goodies to work and share with my coworkers. It is always a nice treat when times get tough.  But when you are on a time crunch, you need to find something that is easy and quick to make.  Cupcakes are always a go to option because I hate cutting and serving cakes.  However I wanted to make some different.  I stumble across this recipe when I was looking for a pie recipe for Pi Day. It is a very quick and easy recipe that everyone will love.  This is a kid friendly recipe, so get your kids to help!

strawberry pi7

For this recipe you need pre-made mini tart shells, fresh ripe strawberries, corn starch and sugar.

strawberry pi

Begin by chopping the strawberries into tiny chunks. You want to be able to put them into the pie shells.

strawberry pi2

strawberry pi3

Puree about 1 cup of strawberries.  Heat in a sauce pan with the cornstarch and sugar until the mixture is thickens.  This will take about 5-10 minutes.

strawberry pi4

Allow the mixture to cool.  When cooled, stir in the remaining cut strawberries.  You have now completed the filling for the pies.  If you have any leftovers, it is great on toast!

strawberry pi5

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and bake your frozen tart shells until they are golden brown. Follow the instructions on your package. It will take about 10-15 minutes.  Place a scoop of the strawberry mixture in each tart shell. I used a cookie scoop to help portion out the filling. Serve immediately or chill overnight.  These are delicious with ice cream or whipping cream.

strawberry pi6

Fresh Strawberry Pie

adapted from http://thesweetruffle.blogspot.ca/2013/07/fresh-strawberry-pie.html

  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup mashed or pureed strawberries
  • 3 tablespoons cornstarch
  • 1 package (about 20) mini tart shells
  • Optional: whipping cream or ice cream

Dice the strawberries.  Puree 1 cup of strawberries.  In a sauce pan, heat strawberries, sugar and cornstarch until the mixture thickens. Allow mixture to cool.  Meanwhile, preheat the oven and bake tart shells.  Follow the instructions on the package.

Mix the pureed strawberries with the remaining cut strawberries.  Scoop the mixture into each cooled tart shell.

Enjoy with whipping cream or ice cream.

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