Chocolate Marshmallows and Pretzels

This mostly is a fun recipe that you can do when you just need something to do. For this recipe you need some marshmallows, chocolate chips, butter, sprinkles and pretzels.

Melt some chocolate chips (1/4 cup) and a tablespoon of butter using a microwave. You can heat the chocolate up in 30 second intervals.

Stir each time to check to see if the chocolate is melted enough. If the chocolate starts to solidify, you can reheat for another 30 seconds.

Prepare a bowl of sprinkles, marshmallows, melted chocolate and toothpicks. Dip the marshmallows into some melted chocolate and then into the sprinkles. It was fun to use different shaped sprinkles

Place the prepared marshmallows onto some parchment paper. Place in the fridge to harden.

We also dipped some pretzel sticks as well. The saltiness complimented the sweetness well.

My favorite sprinkles were the stars. They gave the treats a wonderful, whimsical feel. This was a great activity to do with my little one and we enjoyed putting the marshmallows into some hot chocolate. Enjoy!

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