Sardines and Condensed Milk

Yes you read this right. Sardines and Condensed Milk. Not sure why I needed to try this but I did. This was the video inspiration:

This is a simple recipe as it was more about weird food combinations and not the recipe it self. I don’t think I executed the recipe well as I don’t usually deep fry my food. For this recipe you need sardines and condensed milk.

Batter the sardines in some cornstarch to make a crust.

Fry the sardines until golden brown.

This is where I think I would have changed the recipe. I would have liked a little more crunch.

Drizzle with condensed milk. Yes this sounds weird but it is actually pretty interesting. Salty and a little sweet. It reminds me of these little dried fish snacks that I used to eat as a child. If you had them, you know which ones I am referring to.

Was this my favorite recipe? Not really, I did like it because I like sardines. Next time I would make the sardines a little saltier to complement the sweetness from the condensed milk and maybe make the crust a little thicker to give it more of a crunch. With some modifications I think this would be pretty good.

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