Eat Like a Tiny Human

Themed parties are always fun to host. What’s even more fun is thinking of the theme and dreaming up all the recipes for it.  The theme this time was Tiny Foods. This was something my friends thought be hilarious and ridiculously cute. I have to say, it was pretty darn adorable.

For one of the tiny food items, we wanted to make tiny tacos. We ended making our own tortilla wrappers made from corn masa. The cheese was grated using a microplaner, the lettuce was sliced finely and we even shaved some corn kernels from baby corn.

For a side we wanted to make mini potato chips. We finely sliced baby potatoes using a mandolin and fried them in a pan. Once fried, we sprinkled salt on it.

We also thought that having baby corn on the cobs would be hilarious. We cut up the baby corn to make cobs and stuck some toothpicks in. We then grilled them in a pan with some butter to get some nice brown sides.

Another item we had fun with was making tiny sushi and tiny cookies. Instead of making regular sized nigiri, we portioned and rolled out tiny balls of rice. We also cut the salmon and tuna into small rectangles and placed them on top of the rice balls.

For the cookies, we used a premade cookie dough and rolled them into tiny balls. We baked them for 5 minutes.

Our friend made the cake. She made a cake layer and used a circular cookie cutter to cut pieces of the cake sheet. She then used buttercream frosting and sprinkles to decorate the cakes. We each got our own cake to eat. (No cutting necessary!)

And the last thing we made was deviled quails egg. We made regular ones just to compare the two.

We didn’t just have tiny foods for dinner. We made a batch of regular sized foods and ate that after we finished all the tiny ones. This was definitely one of my favourite themed dinners.

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