Shrunken Apple Heads: Halloween Decorating Idea

Here is a really simple activity you can do with your kids or friends. It is a great way to decorate your Halloween platters and tables. You could probably use it to decorate cakes. All you need are some apples.  Any kind will do.Peel the apples and remove the stem.

Now be creative and carve in your face. I tried to make mine look like a shrunken head but you could do Jack-o-lantern faces or skulls or even witches and Frankenstein.

Now most recipes for these shrunken heads ask you to put the apples in the oven at 100-150 Degrees for a couple hours until you get the result that you desire.  I started mine in the oven but after 2 hours it still was not ready so I transferred it to my dehydrator and left it there over night.  I set the temperature to 150 Degrees and left it for about 20 hours.The final result was great. It gave me a chuckle.  I wish I made more but I only had one apple to play with. For size comparison look at the two pictures below. Same apple.

My favorite part is that I could stick a skewer through the apple and make it look like a real shrunken head.  You know I would be making more of these in the future!

If you liked this recipe, check out the ones on our blog!!

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