Review – Mamie Taylors


Mamie Taylor’s is a restaurant located in Chinatown, Vancouver. As you walk in, you notice the taxidermy along the wall, the brickwork and the friendly wait staff. You definitely feel welcome when you enter.


Looking at the menu, you notice that there are a lot of local west coast ingredients. The one thing on the menu that caught my eye was the stinging nettle perogies.  I have never tried stinging nettle but I have heard it tasted like spinach.


The drinks looked equally as exciting. With my current obsession with gin, I ordered the ducati thief. Both the cocktail and perogies were delicious. The stinging nettle gave the perogies a nice earthy flavour with a  hint of spinach. The lamb bacon was also a great touch giving the perogie dish some saltiness.


There were many other dishes at Mamie Taylors that tasted great. You just have to try it out for yourselves.20160302_185911 20160302_190034

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