Review: Vegan Pudding & Co

How do I find places that I want to review?  Well through instagram…. and food porn.  I love looking at food pictures and following others who live in Vancouver and seeing what they eat.  I would like to try more places but I only can eat so much and going out is  expensive.  So I eat with my eyes. One place that I wanted to try for a while was Vegan Pudding. Why because it looked so interesting.  It is Certified Organic, White Sugar Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free! So Ya I can eat it, my sister can eat it and you won’t die if you have nut allergies.  The little booth is located  near Gastown/Downtown but you can buy these in other stores as well but I have not looked.  You can find this information on their website.

vegan pudding

How many did I buy?  Well I don’t like to review places after one visit because I like to give an honest review, but some places are just too dang good and amazing that I want to share right away.  I tried 5 different flavors. I bought 4 and they gave a 5th free.  I had their Matcha, Chocolate, Original, Earl Grey, and Coffee flavors.  All came with a sauce.  Main ingredients are: Kabocha Squash, Coconut Milk, and Pure Maple Syrup.
vegan pudding 5

The Matcha Green Tea flavor came with a black sesame sauce.  The pudding was good. It was smooth and creamy, almost like real pudding. It didn’t have an overly coconut flavor but it was present.  There was not much of a green tea flavor because the sesame was over powering. I think I would have enjoyed it more without the sauce.

The Chocolate came with a double chocolate sauce. It was extra chocolatey and tasted like coconut.

vegan pudding 2

The Original came with a caramel sauce and was definitely one of my favorites. It was simple, creamy and really good.  I would eat this everyday.

Earl Grey and lemon caramel sauce was not one that I would choose again. I didn’t like the lemon sauce but I did like the earl grey pudding on its own.

vegan pudding 3

My second favorite was the Coffee Pudding with double chocolate sauce.  It had a really nice coffee flavor and the sauce complemented it really well. vegan pudding 4

Overall I was extremely impressed by the texture and the taste of the pudding. It was really creamy and you wouldn’t notice that it was vegan. They come in tiny convenient  size travel mugs so you can take them home with you and stash them in the fridge for another day (ya that is actually dangerous).  Many of the flavors were tasty. It was a little pricey for the amount you get I think I spent about $25-$30 for all five of them. (Sorry I forgot to write down the price.)  But I would definitely go back for some more pudding. I can’t wait to try the other flavors.

vegan pudding 6

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