Review: Juniper Kitchen and Bar

Juniper Kitchen and Bar is located in Chinatown, Vancouver. It is easy to get to by transit which is a bonus since they serve delicious cocktails. From the outside, Juniper Bar is modern and chic and is definitely a great place to grab drinks and snacks after a long day at work. From the inside, you get the feeling of walking into a distillery. It is modern and sophisticated but still welcoming. One of the first things that catches my eye when I walk in, is the steam punk style aprons that the bartenders wear which reminded me of a mix between overalls and a welders apron. Each apron had its own arsenal of bar tools; corks screws, ice picks and tongs. The waiters looked ready to do some serious bar tending!


Looking at the menu, you may notice that the restaurant has an array of West Coast dishes with an impressive list of different gin cocktails! I am deeply fond of gin and tonic and was pleasantly surprised to see the variety on the menu.


I ordered the Arancia which had Boodles gin, blood orange, fresh rosemary and Indian tonic. The cocktail was served with the tonic on the side which was a great idea since you can adjust the amount of tonic water.


At first I was wary about the rosemary as I thought the herb would be too overwhelming. To my surprise, it was pleasant and gave the drink a nice earthly aroma. It was a delicious blend of flavours.


My coworkers also tried some of the gin cocktails. They were also very tasty and refreshing.


For dessert, there was a peanut butter Nanaimo bar. It was a nice take on a classic party dessert. It wasn’t overly sweet, just rich and delicious.


I ordered a hazelnut rosemary cake. The nutty cake had a light rosemary taste. It wasn’t at all overpowering, just enough of a rosemary flavour to bring out the light hazelnut in the cake. It was very delicious.

There was a lot of other gin cocktails at the bar. Too many to try that night. I would love to go back to try them all!!! This bar is a great place to go for drinks with friends. Try it out today!


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