Review: East is East

When I am off on holidays, I like to catch up with friends at my favorite places. Open table makes it convenient for me to save all my favorite restaurants. It also makes it easy to see which of them have a table available.

20160321_115415East is East is a wonderful place for lunch or dinner.  The restaurant is comfy and inviting and very unique.  They offer vegan and gluten free options too.  It is also a great place if you enjoy live music.  I went to the one on Main Street instead of the one on Broadway because I wanted to go shopping too.  There are great little shops along Main Street and tasty little cafes.

As you walk in, usually you are offered a free sample of their chai tea (usually soy option).  It is really fragrant and satisfying.  What I love about this place is the salt lamps and wooden furniture.  Yes they do not have the comfiest seats but it is so pretty and bohemian.

20160321_120629Look how amazing this place looks.20160321_120831If I was here for dinner I would definitely choose the Chai Feast because you can experience a variety of dishes.  You start by ordering two dishes and then you can keep ordering more to try.  This is how I tried so many of their dishes.  One of my favorite ones is Afghan Eggplant with Afghan rice.  It is a vegan eggplant stew with tomatoes and herbs.  Their Afghan rice is basmati rice with raisins.  Their dishes aren’t huge but they are satisfying enough for a lunch. Mind you, I am a little piggy.

20160321_121845My friend ordered the Lamb Kabuli with basmati rice. It was also amazing.20160321_121917Served with every meal are the sauces.  I don’t tend to use them because every dish is already so good without it.  You get yogurt mint sauce, cilantro chutney and tamarind sauce.20160321_121934Everything on the menu is amazing! You should definitely go here if you are looking for a casual place to hang out in. I would definitely be back soon.

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