Vegan Shortbread Cookies

Every since I was diagnosed with a milk intolerance, I looked to alternatives since I missed dairy in my life. I came across Earth Balance through websites and google searches. I gave it a try and found that it was “pretty good” as a butter substitute in frying and on toast. This time I wanted to see if I could use it in baking and since it was the holidays I wanted to “try” and keep on my diet. Why not?

My all time favourite cookie recipe is melt in the mouth shortbread. This was the recipe I decided to tackle. I made half the recipe just in case it didn’t work out.

Start by beating the “butter” in a mixing bowl. So far so good. It blended just like real butter.


Next I added the icing sugar.


That also worked out really well. I was getting more and more excited. After incorporating the sugar, add the flour and cornstarch. The dough turned out amazing and I was looking forward to trying these cookies!!


The best way to form the cookies was using a cookie gun. This gives you an option of shapes and also consistent sizes. I chose to use a Christmas tree.


Using the cookie gun, I made a bunch of trees and placed them in the oven.


As the cookies went in the oven, they started to spread out. This is something that shortbread does anyway so I was not very worried.


I continued staring at the cookies through the oven door and became more and more worried as the cookies continued to expand. They ended up not looking like trees and more like a mess.20151225_135951

I still had hopes that maybe it would taste ok after they had cooled. I left them on the baking sheet for a couple minutes and then tried to scrap them off to a cooling rack.


To my horror, the cookies began to crumble. I could not save them. What a waste. Eat it Now or Eat it Later? Maybe it was good for cookie crumble on ice cream? I gave it a try and it was very salty.  It was more like Eat it Now or Eat it Never.20151225_142640

Sigh….. I’ll try again

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