Review: Huber’s Cafe

I was in Portland, Oregon for a dragonboat regatta and wanted to make sure I checked out some cool restaurants. I came across this lovely gem called Hubers Cafe.

Hubers Cafe is Portland’s oldest cafe. It opened in 1879 and specializes in traditional turkey dinner. They also serve Spanish Coffee that includes a performance.

We found the restaurant and it was packed with patrons. We were worried that we couldn’t get seats because we hadn’t booked reservations but they were very accommodating and we were brought to the back  where there was an open booth. The restaurant was split into two sections; the bar and the restaurant.


We all decided to order the traditional turkey dinner since that was what they were famous for.  I was also struggling to decide if I wanted to order the famous Spanish coffee. It was $10.50 on the menu but it included a performance.


Hubers’ Spanish coffee consisted of Kahlua, Bacardi 151, Bols triple sec and coffee topped with fresh whipped cream and nutmeg. I decided to hold off for now.

The dinner started off with a home-made beer bread. It was quite tasty and felt home-made just like what you would be served at grandma’s house.

Dinner came out  and it look like a traditional American turkey dinner that included mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. The dinner was amazing (but I may have a bias for old fashion turkey dinners). I loved the old fashioned charm  of the restaurant, food and servers. The customer service was amazing and I would definitely recommend people to visit the place when you are in Portland.


At the end of the night we didn’t end up getting the Spanish coffee but the table next to us did. So I captured a video of the amazing performance. The waiter noticed me filming and did something pretty awesome in the end.

Here’s the video of the Spanish Coffee at Hubers.

I had a great time at Hubers Cafe! Great service. Great food and great atmosphere. A must see gem in Portland!

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