Mobius Bagels


“Don’t play with your food” is what went through my mind as I tried to make this mobius bagel. At work we were given instructions to make a bagel into two interlocking loops. It looked easy enough.


As I read the recipe, I was getting more and more confused. Where do I have to cut? How does it twist? I could not visual it at all. My first thought was to take it one step at a time


Taking my knife, I started to cut the bagel following the instructions on the paper. I went slowly because I was still confused. I kept pausing and looking over the instructions, turning the bagel around and around.



I kept cutting and cutting. Finally I made it all the way around but somehow it didn’t turn out like the picture at the end of the instructions. My bagel was one continuous loop, a spiral of dough. *sigh* Eat it now as a mobius fail, hopefully eat it later as a mobius bagel.


I ate the bagel but I had an urge to get it right so that I could post up my success on this blog. I took another bagel to try again at my desk.

I was not the only one that could not successfully cut the bagel. Here is another failed attempt. Its a lot harder than you think.

20150921_092131Some people did get it the first time. Here is a successful one! (Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t do it justice).

At my desk I attempted it again. Attempt number 2!!! After taking a break and reviewing some video on how to cut this mobius bagel, I took my second attempt.

I started cutting the bagel like the video, I grew more and more hopeful.


It was working and I was following the video instructions.


I kept cutting until something happened. Something looked wrong. It just didn’t look right. It did not have a continuous loop. It was not a mobius bagel.


The second bagel turned out a bit better than the first but it was still not this mobius bagel. Ok maybe its time to let this go for today and try again tomorrow. I’ll eat this bagel later.


For a video on a mobius bagel check out this link

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