Adventures at Nordstrom Bistro Verde

Yesterday was the grand opening of Nordstrom in Downtown Vancouver.   My friend and I decided to check it out.  Wow it was crowded.  What makes this Nordstrom intriguing to me is that there is a restaurant located on the third floor.  On the main floor there is a little coffee shop and on the second floor there is a lounge/bar. Hmm. I guess that is cool.  Shop and take a break by getting something to eat or drink.  After walking around the main floor, I was overwhelmed by the amount of people and noise. I was looking at the shoes. The staff were carrying 5-6 boxes at a time. I knew this was not a time to go “shopping”. Sigh. Such beautiful things.  We decided to go up to the restaurant. I knew someone working there so I wanted to visit her.

Nordstrom bistro

As we got to the main entrance there was no line up. Hmm maybe we are lucky.  Right. It was an hour and half wait.  So a reluctantly put my name down. The hostess told me they would text me when my table was ready. Cool! I really liked that.  So back down to Nordstrom. At this time it was already 7:30 pm. My table would be ready at 9 pm. Time to grab a snack.  We headed over to the Crepe Cafe across the street to kill some time.

At around 8:45 pm, I received my text.  My friend and I went back up to the restaurant and sat down at our table to order some food.  We decided to share a pizza since we already ate crepes.  The thing I did not like about the menu was the calorie count beside eat item. Do I really need to know?  We ordered a Neapolitan Pizza with mozzarella, provolone, pear tomatoes, and fresh basil. It was good but small for $12. I wouldn’t say it was the best pizza I ever had. The crust was crispy and the tomatoes and basil were fresh and pungent.  We didn’t have to wait long for our pizza which was a relief.  Our wait staff were nice but a little pushy.  She seemed to try to rush us into ordering.  It didn’t feel like we had enough time to check out the menu or enjoy our pizza.

Nordstrom bistro 2

After our pizza, the waitress gave us a dessert menu.  This was not on the website. What a surprise! Their recommendation was the chocolate cake but we both got creme brulee.  It was creamy and luscious and you could see the real specks of black vanilla bean.  It was great.  As we sat enjoying our dessert the waitress kept asking if we were done.  Hmm. Could you not see that we still had dessert in our bowls?  What was the rush. I knew there were probably lots of tables to seat but can we not enjoy our first time at this Bistro?

Nordstrom bistro3

Overall, I did have a good time. Because good company and dessert makes a great day.  I would probably try this place again since we did not order many items. There were a lot of sandwich, salad, pasta and dessert choices.  It was a little pricey but after a day shopping at Nordstrom, what is another $40?

If you want to see what the place looks like, check out these pictures.

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