Baking Soda vs Vinegar: Getting that Travel Mug Clean



Over time metal travel mugs start getting a brown grime and old coffee smell. It also makes your coffee taste old and stale. I decided to look up ways to clean my travel mugs. I found comments from different people saying to use white vinegar. Others said to use baking soda. I had two cups so I wanted to try out both to see which one was better.


For this experiment, I put vinegar and water in one cup (left cup) and baking soda and water in the other cup (right cup).


I let the cups soak for 3 hours. After that I rinse the cups out.


I really didn’t see a difference with reducing the brown stain in the cups. I did, however, notice the smell was completely gone for both.

To get rid of the brown stains, I used a baking soda scrub and a bit of elbow grease. You can see the baking soda has turned nice and brown and the cup looks almost like new. It also helped that the cups were soaked beforehand.


After rinsing the cups, they looked so much better and smelled a lot better. In the end, I didn’t see a difference between the vinegar and baking soda so either way works. Hopefully, it will work for you too! I can’t wait to use my cups again.

20150828_120720 20150828_120735-1

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