Cultured Pickles

cultured pickles 9

There is nothing better that biting down on a nice crunchy piece of pickle.  Cultured Pickles are easy and delicious version of the classic pickle.  It keeps it crunch and has a nice natural sour note to it.

cultured pickles 1

Begin by starting the brine.  Add 1 1/2 tablespoon of salt to some water.

cultured pickles 2 cultured pickles 3

Stir to dissolve.  Add some chili flakes.  Allow the flavors to mingle while you prepare the cucumbers.

cultured pickles 4 cultured pickles 5

I chose small cucumbers because I wanted tiny medallions.  Wash the cucumbers well and slice.

cultured pickles 6 cultured pickles 7

Cover the cucumbers with the brine and let the cucumbers sit in room temperature for a couple days. Then place them in the fridge. Enjoy these pickles in sandwiches, salads or just for a snack.

cultured pickles 8

For more cultured recipes go to

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