Smiley Face Pancakes with Cranberry Sauce!


Everyone is familiar with getting cranberries from cans or from jars but having fresh cranberries is such a treat. Fresh cranberries are tart and spongy. They need to be cooked down with a bit of sugar to get them sweet. I decided to experiment and make some fresh cranberry sauce for my sour dough pancakes.


I started with the cranberry sauce since it takes awhile to reduce into a nice sauce. First I put all the cranberries into a sauce pan with some orange juice. I let the juice and cranberries heat up until the cranberries burst. Then I add some molasses, maple syrup and white sugar. Add enough of each until you have a sweetness you like. You’d be surprised at how much sugar you need!


Let the sauce boil down to reduce the amount of liquid. This also helps break down the cranberries to make a thick sauce. Boil for about 15 minutes.



In the meantime, mix your sour dough pancake batter. You will need 2 cups of sour dough starter, 2 Tbsp sugar, 1 Tbsp water, 1 1/2 tsp baking soda, 1 tsp salt and 2 eggs. Everything can be put in a bowl and mix together.

In a non-stick pan add some butter. This will give the pancakes a delicious buttery taste.


To make these pancakes extra special, I decided to make smiley face pancakes. Start by making a face. Use a spoon and slowly draw the face with the pancake batter. Let the face cook. You want it to darken so that it will stand out from the rest of the pancake.


When small bubbles form in the batter, pour a ladle full of batter around the face. Spread it to make it circular.

pancake8 pancake9

Let the batter cook and when it is ready, flip it over and check out the face you made! The more you practice, the better the face.


Experiment with smaller faces. Add noses and hair!! Be creative!


By the end you can create a whole family of pancakes each with its own personality! Serve the pancakes with cranberry sauce and maple syrup. Smile and Enjoy!!


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