Watermelon and Feta

watermelon salad9

My summer obsession involves watermelon and feta. Who would have known that these two things work so well with each other?! Sweet and salty unexpectedly goes well with each other. Things like apple and cheese, chocolate and pretzels and of course watermelon and feta. Who would have known!

There are tons of variations of watermelon salads online but this one would be my favourite.


Start by choosing a watermelon. I’m not an expert at this but I know that you want to make sure the watermelon is firm and heavy for its size. What does that mean? Its hard to explain but you don’t want a light watermelon. A light watermelon means its drying out and won’t be as juicy as a heavy one. Some people tap on a watermelon to hear the hollow sound. If your musically challenged like myself, I don’t know what to look for. My uncle swears by looking at the dimple or splotch the watermelon gets when it sits on the ground. If its a big splotch, its sweet. I don’t know the theory behind that but it works.



An easy way to cut a watermelon is to cut it in half and then cut off the rind, the green and white portion. You will be left with just the red flesh. This will make it easy for you to dice the watermelon in cubes.


In a large bowl, add the watermelon. If you are preparing this salad early, don’t mix the ingredients together. Instead layer the ingredients with the watermelon at the bottom. If you mix it too early, the watermelon will absorb the salt from the feta and you are left with flavourless chunks of cheese.  Once you are ready to serve, give everything a good toss and then add the dressing last.


Things I like adding to the salad are cucumber, red onions, cilantro and lime juice and of course feta. These are the same ingredients for making a greek salad! When looking for feta, I look for goat feta. It has a slightly different taste than cow feta since it is made with goat milk but its your choice. You may have to try a couple before finding one you like. There are lots with different moisture and salt content which affects how firm the cheese is. Saltier ones are a bit nicer for this salad because the watermelon gives it a nice sweetness.


I also use red onions for salads. They are a lot sweeter and have a milder taste than other onions. It also adds a nice colour when you add it in. You can even omit the onions if you are not fond of them.


For the dressing, I use just lime, salt and pepper. Add the lime juice sparingly and try it out. Its better to add too little then too much. You can’t go back once you’ve added too much. (I’ve learned the hard way). Once everything is mixed together you get a very refreshing watermelon salad that is great for hot summer days.

If you are wondering how much of each thing to use, it would depend what you prefer. You have the flexibility to add as much or as little of something. For this recipe, I used one watermelon, one cucumber, half a lime, a handful of cilantro, 2 cups of cubed feta and half a red onion.


Another favourite watermelon salad combination is watermelon, feta, mint, cucumber and balsamic vinegar dressing!! Try it out and you’ll find it to be delicious!

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