Bonus Post: It’s our one year anniversary… Happy 2014!

Happy 2014! I can’t believe it has been one year since we have started this blog. We plan on having more surprises this year.  You can now follow us on our facebook page Eat it now or eat it later.

IMcake popsCelebrations have not stopped since Christmas and leftovers are spilling out of our fridge.  You know when you bring a cake and someone else brings a cake and then the host comes out with a cake… well what do you do with all the leftover cake? Make cake pops! Like Dad always said “eat it now or eat it later”. Well we couldn’t eat it then so we decided to eat it later in a different form.

For Christmas we made a yummy German cake. It was a moist chocolate cake with coconut and pecan filling.

cake popsBegin by mushing up the cake. Using alcohol of your choice, pour enough to moisten the cake. About 2 tbsp should be good.  You want to be able to roll the cake into balls.  We chose Bailey’s caramel since we thought it would be a yummy addition.

cake pops  cake pops

cake pops 

Roll the cake into the size of golf balls. Don’t make them too big as they will fall off the sticks.  (We ruined a few this way). Don’t be surprised if you get an audience.

cake pops

cake pops 

After you roll out the balls melt some chocolate in the microwave.

cake pops

 cake pops

Dip each lollipop stick into the chocolate and place in each cake pop. This will help the sticks hold onto the cake pop.

cake pops

  cake pops

Place the cake pops in the fridge to cool until the chocolate hardens.  When they are ready, melt some chocolate icing to dip the cake pops in.

 cake pops

Be creative and decorate your cake pops. This helps to hide any imperfections.  We melted some white chocolates and drizzled on top.  Then we sprinkled with non-pariels.

cake pops

 cake pops

cake pops cake pops

Place the cake pops back into the fridge to allow the icing to set.

cake pops  cake pops

Happy Eating,

Kristin and Corinne!

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