Fairy Bread


I first heard out about fairy bread at a company party. Unfortunately, I had no idea what it was because as soon as someone told me about it, it was gone. What is fairy bread?? Fairy bread is an Australian staple at children’s parties. Its a really simple snack that looks fun and colourful.

It begins with some plain old white bread.

IMAG0527 1

Take the bread and spread a generous amount of butter or margarine.

IMAG0528 1

IMAG0529 1

Now comes the most exciting part! The sprinkles. To make it more authentic, Australians use sprinkles called hundreds and thousands. They are really tiny sprinkles that come in a variety of colours. The closest thing I could find here is nonpareils. Cover the entire slice with sprinkles. Once the slice is coated, cut it into 4 triangles.


IMAG0530 1

Some people like to cut the crusts off of the slices, but we left it on. This simple treat will be a hit at any kids party or even during a staff gathering but remember to make lots because they don’t last.

IMAG0533 1

Of course life would not be the same if I had just any plain white toast with sprinkles. I had to try making fairy bread with some homemade sour dough bread!


I didn’t use as much sprinkles as I didn’t want such a sweet piece of toast but I think it is new gourmet version of fairy bread!!


Check out other recipes on our blog   https://eatitnoworeatitlater.com/recipe-list/

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