Balsamic Baked Brussels Sprouts (Say that 10 times fast!!)


Fall vegetables are delicious and always my go to comfort food. I love fall squashes, baked apples and best of all brussel sprouts. Not the boiled, mushy and tasteless brussel sprouts but the properly cooked and delicious ones. Yes! brussel sprouts can be delicious when done properly.


Brussel sprouts are from the Brassica family or cabbage family so it does have a distinctive flavour just like broccoli. Most brussel sprouts are found loose in bins but on occasion you can find brussel sprouts on the stalk!! They look like mini cabbages on a stick.


To prepare the brussel sprouts, snap the “little cabbages” off the stem and rinse them.


I like to take the outer portion of the brussel sprouts off and cut them in half.  This helps them cook evenly and prevent over cooking which causes them to be mushy.


When the brussel sprouts are prepared and cut, slice some onions and mix them in with the brussel sprouts.

balsamicbrussels5   balsamicbrussels6

For the dressing, mix olive oil and balsamic vinegar reduction. Balsamic reduction is sweeter and thicker than regular balsamic vinegar. Sometimes you would need to add a bit of acid to the dressing like lemon juice or vinegar. Remember to season the dressing with some pepper and salt. This is all about your taste.

balsamicbrussels7   balsamicbrussels8

Pour the dressing over the brussel sprouts and onion and give it a good mix. You want to make sure all the sprouts and onions are coated with the dressing

balsamicbrussels9 balsamicbrussels10

Spread the mixture over an aluminum lined baking tray and place in a 400 degree F oven. Baking the sprouts give it a nice roasted taste and brings the flavour of the balsamic out. You need a hot oven to create the perfect condition for the Maillard reaction that helps with the browning of various types of food. It make the brussel sprouts delicious!!


After baking for 25 – 30 minutes, the brussel sprouts will be tender, caramelized and nicely browned. Thats when you know they are ready. I promise that you would love to eat brussel sprouts after making it this way!!



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