Rice Paper Chips

Ok so you probably have seen a bunch of recipes like this floating around the internet. Even though I know it obviously works (since this is exactly like shrimp chips that you can find in Asian markets), I still wanted to try it out and see how easy it actually was. Also I was bored and needed something to do with my son. 😀 He enjoyed watching them puff up… and eating them too.

For this recipe you will need some rice paper sheets. These are the ones you use for salad rolls. You could probably use rice noodles too.

Cut up the rice paper sheets into small pieces.

Heat up a small amount of oil. You don’t need a lot. Heat the oil on medium high. You can stick a chopstick in the oil to check to see if it is hot enough. When bubbles start to form around the chopstick, then the oil it ready.

Toss in a few chips at a time. They will expand quickly, so this shouldn’t take long.

My favorite part is watching the rice sheet puff up. I remember as a kid, my mom would buy dried shrimp chips and fry them like this. You can find these disks in Asian markets. They are usually paired with Peking Duck.

The chips are done once they puff. It will take about 15-20 seconds.

Drain the chips on a paper towel.

You can add spices to these chips or just eat them they way they are. Maybe next time you have some left over rice paper sheets, you can try this out too.

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  1. Ah I used to make these at the restaurant I worked at! We would fry them whole and salt them to go with a big fresh salad, it added extra crunch! They are delicious just as snacks, so easy to eat!

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