Review: Mushroom Coffee

You know I love my coffee. I love the taste of it and the warmth. The caffeine is a bonus! I first heard about Mushroom Coffee from a friend. I guess it is one of those weird health food trends. I had to try it to see how it tasted.  These Mushroom Coffee packages are basically instant coffee with mushroom extract (lion’s mane and chaga). The mushrooms is supposed to help with cognition. So having coffee and mushroom sounds like a good healthy combination, especially for all those students.

The thing about this coffee is that it is just instant coffee.  Add 7 oz of hot water stir and add milk or sugar or what ever you desire.

I tried it and trust me, it wasn’t great. Tasted like instant coffee.  Did I feel any benefits?  Not sure.  I only tried one cup.  Would I get it again? Probably not. It is a bit pricey for instant coffee. It wasn’t tasty and the reason I drink coffee is for the taste. I did get a tiny caffeine buzz from it but I would prefer fresh brewed cup of joe. Did I think better?  Dunno.  I am not sure if you need more than one cup to get any benefits. If you tried it, did you feel different?

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