Eat Like an Eskimo

I came across this recipe when I was watching emmymadeinjapan. I thought it was a very wacky and fun recipe and I really wanted to try it out.  I decided to look up a recipe on pinterest and found something I thought would be good.  I decided to make a small batch to test this out.

Eskimo ice cream, Akutaq, is essentially made up of Crisco, sugar and berries. The Crisco is a modern twist to animal fat.

This is how my first attempt turned out.  I started by heating up the Crisco in a small sauce pan and added the sugar. Okay so it was starting to turn out. But I couldn’t dissolve all the sugar, so I decided to leave it on the heat.  Well the sugar burned.

Attempt number two. So this time I decided to melt the Crisco in the microwave. Once melted I added the sugar and stirred.  The recipe I found on Pinterest said I needed to add some snow (or water) so that’s what I did. Okay so it started looking alright.

Well you are meant to keep mixing the Crisco and water until it gets fluffy.  I don’t think mine would have done that. I mixed it for quite a while.  I added the frozen berries to see if it would make the Crisco colder.  I think I added too much water because it looked like a soupy mess.  You know when you cook broth and the fat starts coagulating.  Well that’s what it looked like. Sigh.  Time to try it again.

My third attempt I just went with how Emmy made it.  She beat the Crisco until fluffy. Added the sugar and beat it some more and then added the berries.   Well I did just that.

Well this was my final result.  I let the berries melt a bit so that it would blend in with the Crisco. It turned to a pretty pink.  The taste … well as Emmy put it, it tastes like berries and icing.  Not sure if this is my favorite but it was interesting. Now I have two batches of this so should I eat it now or eat it later? That is the question….

Eskimo Ice Cream – Akutaq

  • 1/4 cup Crisco Vegetable Shortening
  • 1/4 cup sugar (best to use berry sugar or powder sugar)
  • 1 cup mixed berries

In a bowl whip the Crisco until fluffy. Add the sugar and continue to whip.  Finally toss in the berries. I used frozen berries and let them sit at room temperature for a bit.  Sit down and turn on Netflix and gorge on your creation.

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