Are Bugs the Food of the Future??

My dad has always been an interesting and adventurous man. He’s eaten his fair share of strange foods from silk worm pupae to mushed up earthworms. Over the past couple years, he’s become more interested in edible insects and foraging. For his birthday, we decided to surprise him and order some edible insects from Thailand Unique. We discovered this website by chance since we’ve always been curious to try cricket flour and other edibles. 
We got a variety of different insects from Tarantulas to chocolate covered Scorpions and cricket flour. All the bugs came sealed in a bag or in a tin can.
When we opened the packages, the bugs looked crispy and brown. Not very appealing.
The chocolate covered scorpions looked interesting because you can still see the shape of the scorpion. The variety packs were filled with crickets, locusts, water bugs, scorpions and even a rhino beetle! The ones with tougher shells looked hard to eat. Not many people at the party wanted to give the insects a try but those that wanted to try it did. I had a tarantula leg and a couple of the crickets. The tarantula was very dry and crispy. It reminded me of dried shrimp but was not very tasty. The crickets were a bit better tasting but I almost wished they were fresh since the insides were bone dry. I also wished that it had a bit of seasoning and not just salt. Now I’m curious to use my cricket flour but still haven’t found a recipe that I wanted to try. That is in my future cooking adventures.
Thinking about the articles I have read on the inter-webs (ha! spider joke), insects should be the next green food. They are packed with protein, vitamins and minerals. They also are more efficient at converting plant nutrients and therefore requires less land and produces less greenhouse gases. Why shouldn’t we eat these guys? Many countries have been eating insects/bugs for years so why not North America? Would you eat insects for you next meal?

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  1. lauraleebahr says:

    If we eat pork rinds and rice cakes, I am confident that we can find the best way to prepare and season bugs. Since lobster (my favorite) looks kinda like a giant roach anyway, I don’t think it would be a hard sell for me to eat bugs. I just need good seasoning. If you give me a good recipe, maybe…. 🙂

    1. K Lee says:

      I’ll be testing recipes made from cricket flour and hopefully I have something worthy to share!

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