Review: Vancouver’s Original Bone Broth Bar

Wednesdays have become “Weird Eats Wednesdays” at work. That means we try out weird and strange foods in Vancouver.

Our first weird food stops was at Vancouver’s Original Bone Broth Bar. Yes!! There is a bone broth bar. They also sell collagen shots and popsicles. (The popsicles were sold out so I didn’t get to try it.) This broth bar is located at Home on the Range Organics, a place that sells meats, cheeses and meat.


On the website it states “Unlike coffee, broth can help hydrate your body and nourish it. It helps to fight inflammation and significantly boosts gut health!”….. hmmmm questionable??

I had to try out their broth. I got a chicken broth. It cost about $5. You can also add a garnish to the broth to give it a kick. The broth was hot and hearty and wasn’t salty. It tasted like broth your grandma would make. It wasn’t bad and it wasn’t the best. It was satisfying but didn’t sway me to give up coffee. It was interesting and at least I can say I went to Vancouver’s Original Bone Broth Bar.


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