Zucchini Cheese?

Want to try a wacky recipe?  I decided to make zucchini cheese. I wouldn’t say I love this recipe but it was very interesting to make.  The cheese didn’t slice as well as I thought it would and it was almost a  mousse consistency.  It melted when I ate it with warm food and I didn’t quite like the coconut flavor.  I do like the creativity of this recipe.  I would probably modify this recipe a little.

zucchini cheese 7

Start by cutting up the zucchini into large chunks. The recipe asks to peel it but I didn’t so it made my cheese quite green.

zucchini cheese 1

For this recipe, you need gelatin, coconut oil and nutritional yeast.

zucchini cheese 2 zucchini cheese 3 zucchini cheese 4

Steam the zucchini in a little water for about 5 minutes. zucchini cheese 5

Place all the ingredients in a blender until smooth.  Pour into a tray or container and allow to set.  You can eat it with toast or salad or anything you would eat cheese with. I enjoyed it with some plain oatmeal.

zucchini cheese 6  zucchini cheese 8

For the recipe go to.


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